Melbourne Writer’s Festival

‘I wanted to bring to light what is not acknowledged and spoken, the muted feelings of conflict that exist…an awareness that is not brought into language and thus cannot be shared.’

“Sex is a form of communication for the characters; I wanted to express one’s active internal life in the sexual act, the humanity of that connection, the vulnerability, loss of control, the discovery of an ‘other’…a language that goes inside the body.”

‘I’m interested in the abbreviations that exist within memory … the conversation between the adult self who is seek out the past and the child who was present, and not necessarily entirely aware of all the dimensions of her experience.’

‘I am an exile; citizen of the country of longing.’

‘I didn’t want recourse to moves that allows me to distance myself from the subject at hand; I wanted to tell rather than to create images, to force myself to say, to learn, to unearth things. Prose feels like a less private form than poetry … it feels like learning a new language.’

‘The writer jostled with the believer in me … what felt familiar to me is a kind of meditative silence, trying to listen to this voice that is impossible to hear…the idea that I’m speaking from a place of deep private truth and great vulnerability – that was when I felt poetry filled something that religion sought to occupy. Literature seeks to go between spaces and find something that is unsettling and chastening. ”

“My father is of the world … my mother used to say – ‘We should always be in the world, but not of it.”

‘Every entry is ephemeral; only leaving is real.’

‘To be a writer is to always be standing outside, never inside. I have grown to embrace that position, I relish it. I depend on it for a point of vision.’

‘All travelling involves a necessary loss of innocence … to go beyond the boundaries and borderlines that you know and understand.’

‘The truth – that thing I thought I was telling.’

‘The literal reality ceases to matter more than perhaps ‘internal’ truths’

‘I want to be a writer first, and a female writer second’

‘I love men I just hate misogyny’

‘Subjectivity is valuable and important … literature allows you to open up the universe, to discover other identities to relate to and inhabit; other ways of perceiving and being in the world.’

‘I want my writing to come through my pores; I want to write from my body, to fully embody the digestive experience of language’

‘I’ve got a little piece of evil in my pocket; the iphone is a symbol of social and economic inequality’

‘We were promised flying cars but all we’ve gotten is 140 characters’





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