Life Inside an Image (MUMA)

‘Bringing together seven contemporary artists from six different countries whose work engages with significant international cultural collections, Life inside an Image is presented by Monash University Museum of Art in association with Melbourne Festival from 8 October 2016.

Life inside an Image explores the function of the museum in relation to the camera. Museums, like cameras, preserve, frame and index the world. Both attempt to arrest beings, objects and environments into conditions of stasis. In so doing, museums also translate objects (whether artworks, ancient tools, mineral samples or taxidermied animals) into documents – official texts that evidence natural and cultural histories. Like photographs, they bear witness.

Many of the artists in the exhibition return to the origins of photography as a way of grappling with contemporaneity, sensing that photography – as a practice and medium – is in a critical historical moment.’  From Arts Review 

Life inside an Image – ARB review

Reviewing the past in the present – Sydney Morning Herald



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