Vietnamerica: A Family History by GB Tran

Vietnamerica is what happens when I realized to better understand myself, I needed to first better understand my parents. It’s the 50-year journey of my family’s trauma, tragedy, and triumph through Vietnam’s wars, and reinvention in its aftermath as refugees in the United States. It’s the unraveling of my family’s truth and what’s uncovered when I draw my past to write my future. Continue reading Vietnamerica: A Family History by GB Tran


Such A Lovely Little War

I found it fun to read in my three languages (French, Vietnamese, and English), the encounter of these tongues in the book often articulates the confrontation of histories of colonialism. The multilingual narration and dialogue underscores the fact that the war was not simply a matter between the U.S. and Việt Nam, but a global (hi)story. This is important because it is through language that we know what we know and how we know, so reading histories in multiple languages can open up possibilities of understanding. Continue reading Such A Lovely Little War